FOI Request: A number of 30 EU students have had funding approved, then made eligible by Student Finance 

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 11.09.07

The Student Loans Company Limited (“SLC”) hold information in scope of funding withdrawn for EU students, by HEI. The number of students who had funding approved, then made ineligible (withdrawn) is 30.

Regarding an FOI request The Students Loans Company claimed “We do not hold data for international students paying international student fees, as these students do not qualify for student support”.

It is noted that the term “ineligible” is an interpretation of student finance being “withdrawn”, which is different to where students withdraw from their course and their entitlement to student finance is re-assessed.

“Our systems do not record the specific reason why funding has been withdrawn, however I can confirm that an individual can be made ineligible for a number of reasons, including: Personal or course eligibility requirements not being. Arrears on previous student loan. Individuals have shown themselves by their conduct to be unfitted to receive support” added the Students Loan Company.


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