Profile: Nazek Ramadan, editor and chief of Migrant Voice.

Director of Mirgrant Voice, Nazek Ramadan won The London Migrant and Refugee Women of the Year award in 2012. In addition to this, Nazek is also the found ‘The New Londonders’ – the first refugee newspaper in London.

When she and her family fled Lebonon in 1986, Nazek became involved in volunteering when she arrived in the UK. One of her first challenges when arriving in the UK was to learn English, which she did by watching children’s television which is still advice she others now.

Nazeks first few year in London were not easy. Even after learning English and getting a job she found she was still not accepted. Nazek realised there was no platform for migrants to discuss being a migrant in the UK.

In 2007, she launched ‘The New Londoners’ newspaper which followed in the traditional London freesheets style. With ‘The New Londoners’ newspaper, Nazek succeeded in getting migrant voices and issue in front on London commuters.

Following the success of The New Londonders, Nazek then founded Migrant Voice in 2010. An organisation dedicated to addressing the lack of representation of migrant in the mainstream media.

Migrant Voice provides platforms for members of the migrant community, especially those whose voices are not usually heard. The organisations encourages them to express their views of issues affecting the way they live in the UK.
Projects that the organisation work on includes the Face2Face project which aims to break down negative stereotypes of immigrants in the UK and improve the public perception of migrants. Other projects include the Engaging Picture project which aims to improve participants skills in communication and their overall strategic messaging around migration.

Nazeks Migration Voice is a great platform for immigrants to vice there own concerns with how they are personally being treated in the UK in a time when government immigration policies are being heavily criticised.


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