Immigration flooding Britain

Immigration has become a concern for the British people who are fed up knowing that the amount of immigration is increasingly crowding the country.

A British immigrant, Nando Sigona; who is researcher on undocumented migration tweeted about the issue that was bought upon the country during the New Year of 2014, as the amount of Romanians and Bulgarians are flooding the country with immigration.

Sigona tweeted “First stir irrational moral panic on the ‘invasion’ of Britain by Romanians and Bulgarians then claim success if doesn’t happen”.

The ‘invasion’ had first startled the country, however, David Cameron had said the amount Romanians and Bulgarians is reasonable. The moral panic had caused a frustration to the British people and has triggered more distress as Cameron said the immigration levels are reasonable and nothing can be done about it under law.

The UKIP said “if things aren’t brought under control we will face a truly chaotic and shambolic state of affairs.”

In an update on Twitter UKIP tweeted “Ten million more people added to the UK population in just 25 years is staggering”. The UKIP had said stressed on their twitter feed upon how much the British people are fed up with the amount of immigration and how immigration in Birmingham needs to be controlled. UKIP said “The figures released say that 4.3 million more people will be living in the UK decade. That’s four times the size of the population of Birmingham”.

The Migration Statistics Quarterly Report, November 2013 states 503,000 people immigrated to the UK in the year ending June 2013, compared to the 517,000 people who immigrated during the previous year. 183,000 EU citizens immigrated in the year ending June 2013, not a statistically significant change from the estimate of 158,000 for the previous year.


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