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An Arabian student starts a photography business at 18 years to pay university fees.

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Hamdan Khan (24 years old), a graduate from 2013 at Birmingham City University talks about his journey from moving to the UK on his mothers work permit in 2007 to gain A levels and a degree to pursue his passion in photography.

Moving to the UK with his mother and younger sister, he shares his struggles on surviving daily life with his family and having to pay university fees. To the point where no income was coming in to the household

He shares how he started his own photography business at the age of 18 years to become the breadwinner of the family.


Study visas to the UK continue to decline

Long-term trends in student immigration

The number of study visas (excluding student visitors) issued by government have declined for a third year data has revealed.

In the calender year 2012 the amount of international students who successfully received a study visa had fallen 21% (211,000) since 2011 and a further 5% (-9,750) in the year ending June 2013 (204,469).

These trends indicate study-related visas issued, admissions and long-term immigration have all continued to fall, though less quickly then previously.

The 9,750 (-5%) was more then account for by falls in student visas issued to Pakistani and Indian nationals whilst there were increases from other nationalities. These included a 3% increase for Chinese nationals and Libyan nationals which was up nearly three-fold (+277%).

Despite the slow decline in study visas issues, there was a 5% increase in student visitor visas issues in the year ending June 2013. Visitor visas allow students to stay in the UK for 6 months (11 months for English Language Schools) and cannot extend their visas.