Rising numbers of immigrants want to gain an education in the UK

A recent study carried out by Gov.uk has shown that student visas are steadily increasing in number.

According to the study, student visa applications have risen by 4% in 2013, with 210,102 immigrants applying applying to study in the UK. This is of a similar number to 2012’s study, where 210,109 immigrants applied to study in the United Kingdom

The study has also shown that there has been a 7% rise in student visas in regards to the university sector.

Multi-culturism is increasing

These results indicate that multi-culturism is clearly on the rise in the UK. A study carried out by the Office of National Statistics has shown that London and the West Midlands are currently the most ethnically diverse hotspots in Britain. According to Immigration Matters, international students choose to study in the UK because there is a better quality of education available in the country.

The topic of immigration is mainly seen as having a strong negative impact on the UK and its economy. However, foreign students are attracted to studying in the UK because of the educational opportunities that it provides. The Gov.uk study has also shown that study related visas have been especially popular amongst Chinese with a 9% increase, Brazilian nationals with a 147% increase and Malaysian nationals with a 24% increase in visa issues.




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