CHART: UCAS Region of Residence Overseas Applicants for the past 5 Years

past 5 years


These series of  charts show the students applying for acceptance in UK university for the past five years. From the chart we see that Applicants from Nigeria (Dark Blue) have the least amount of applicants applying over the past five years. It is also interesting to note that the numbers of Nigerian students applying for UK university has dropped since 2009. China (Red) has consistently had the most applicants over the years. As well as growing more rapidly in growth between 2009-2012 however numbers had dropped in 2013. Hong Kong has had the most growth with having 3586 students applying in 2009 and 6780 students applying in 2013 that is a 3194 difference. This growth may be down to Hong Kong’s growing idependence and ecomony.


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